You are important

Days will get hard. You will be misunderstood. You will be let down, and talked about. None of these things are important. But you are. You are a special unique creation. You are loved beyond measure even when you do not know. With out your presence all would not be right with the world. You are not insignificant. You are not miniscule.

Don’t not shrink to make others comfortable. Shatter the very earth they walk upon. You are a giant. A child of God. Your mission is your own.

My Past life

I believe this plane and world is more than what we see and remember. I believe at the age of 7 or 8 I had a dream or recollection of a past life. It wasn’t long and drawn out. The part that I remember to this day scared me then and so scares me now. I wasn’t a fast young lady. Free spirited is what I would call it. I remember feelings of attraction. Nothing more,. But I had a maturity. I remember thinking I would have a boyfriend, lover and husband. Well this dream felt so real that it changed my life I believe. I had roused from unconsciousness to realize I had been shot. In my chest I believe. I was in a hospital bed and two men were crying by my bedside. I had gotten shot in the confusion of them fighting over me. And this is how I believe I died. Coming up I always thought it was my past. They say history is doomed to repeat itself. I took it as a warning to change my ways. My daddy named me after Erica Kane. Miss Susan Lucci. Every man that met her loved her. That is a curse. You could never returned love back to every one that fell in love with you. I remember trying to remember a face. No such luck. How can a child remember and feel the ways I felt? Do you have a story or experience that is similar?